Retail Price $485.00
Manufactured from 6061-T6/651 aluminum, hard anodized, then Teflon coated, this vacuum pump is every bit as reliable as our "high end" pumps. This pump was specifically designed for the bracket and ".90" racer looking for a low cost pump that will produce between 10 & 15 in. Hg. of vacuum and do it year after year.

To keep the cost down we have completely reshaped the housing to reduce our machining costs which has created a very "clean" look. Our unique one piece shaft/rotor is proven to be lighter and more reliable than 2 piece (steel/aluminum) designs which are prone to fastener failure and key/keyway wear.

The intake/exhaust ports have been moved to the back end of the pump which has added to the "clean" look. Our major departure from all our other pumps is the use of 3 vanes instead of 4 to further reduce the cost. For the intended applications as we mentioned, 10-15 in. Hg. 3 vanes work perfectly and does not require a vacuum regulator.
Don't consider this pump "cheap", we use the same vane material, bearings, seals and plating processes used on all our high end pumps.

Now you can have the same quality and reliability that professional racers have been using for years in this sportsman version vacuum pump.

Now that you have tightly sealed the engine to achieve vacuum, in most cases, there is no (sealed) provision to add engine oil. Check out our sealed Oil Fill Cap STR.09.08.000 (Products:Fittings/Hoses)

*Price includes 24T Composite pulley.
*Install with Star Machine mounting bracket STR.18.12.003
** See "Layout Drawing" for compatible mounting brackets. You may already have a bracket that will mount our pump.

Vacuum Pump Mass (with 24T composite pulley): 1670g/3.68lbs.

Options pricing:
24 Tooth Aluminum Pump Pulley +$35
36 Tooth Aluminum Pump Pulley +$50