SB Ford cylinder head adaptor plate (Pump mounting bracket not included)

Retail Price $69.95

Manufactured from 6061-T6 Aluminum and clear anodized. This is the most user friendly method available of mounting a vacuum pump to the cylinder head of a small block Ford. Simulating a motor plate, this Sub Plate bolts to the three tapped holes found in the front of the head using flat head screws providing a flat surface for a vacuum pump mounting bracket. The Sub Plate also contains a series of tapped holes for the vacuum pump mouinting bracket. These tapped holes replicate the Chevrolet cylinder head bolt pattern allowing for the use of other vacuum pump mounting brackets designed for a Chevrolet cylinder head mounting location. This Sub Plate is compatible with the Star Machine Sportsman Pump mounting bracket part #STR.04.01.004, #STR.05.01.004 and the Standard Pump mounting bracket part #STR.99.06.10. Included with the Sub Plate are three spacers and flat head screws, available in different lengths, to achieve any belt alignment with the vacuum pump drive pulley. Please specify driver or passenger side when ordering.
Mass as shown: 1.25 lbs. (568g)