Engine Vacuum Baffle with AN Fitting

Engine Vacuum Baffle with AN Fitting

Retail Price $39.95
The Star Machine Baffle is designed to reduce the amount of oil scavenged from the crankcase by the vacuum pump. The Baffle is shielded on four sides and open on only one side. This Baffle is not a cure-all for engines that leak or have excessive blow-bye.

The Baffle is designed to be installed in a 1.06" diameter hole and seals via the O-ring provided. If you are using a hole saw to cut the opening we recommend using a 1" hole saw and file fit the remainder of the opening as most hole saws tend to cut oversize. Be sure the location you have chosen does not interfere with anything before cutting. The most common location is the front face of the valve cover (the surface that lies in the same plane as the water pump). When installed, the opening of the Baffle should be facing down (toward the cylinder head).
The gap between the radius end of the fitting and the back of the Baffle will vary depending on the thickness of the material in which it is installed. The gap should be adequate to not hinder the flow of your particular vacuum pump. The ideal size of this gap will vary depending on the combination.
Available with -12 or -10 AN male fitting.