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The Star Machine Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP) is representative of our continued efforts to provide racers with the latest vacuum pump technology. The EVP is a DC electric, reciprocating piston vacuum pump. It incorporates two dynamic seal pistons, coupled to a common yoke that is eccentrically driven in a common bore. The EVP offers the distinct advantage of ALL the HP gains, thru increased crank case vacuum, with ZERO HP lost to driving a mechanical vacuum pump.

Originally designed for Pro Stock Motorcycle to comply with the one pump rule it is also currently used in Pro Stock Car as a vacuum assist pump. In PSB it is producing vacuum
levels of 25” Hg.(wire to wire). In PS Car applications it has shown a 15 - 20% increase over existing (with dry sump) crank case vacuum readings.

At Star Machine we realize that you don’t get something for nothing. The electric motor driven EVP adds the requirement of between round battery maintenance (recharging). This will be considered, by some racers as a burden (one more between round headache). Other racers, looking for that last .01 second advantage, will view the additional maintenance as part of the game.

Activating the pump is presently (and recommended) done when the vehicle is pre-staged. In most cases at the same time the data recorder is switched on. This will guarantee the pump motor will receive the maximum available battery power.

The vacuum line (Blue tube) connection to the engine is critical to the operation of the EVP. Drawing excessive amounts of oil into the EVP may result in damage to the pump.Care must be taken to baffle and/or separate the engine oil from the air drawn by the pump. More important to the performance of the pump is the sealing of the engine, the better the seal the higher the potential vacuum.

Mass as shown: 8.37 lbs./3800 gm.