Sportsman Vacuum Pump Kit

Sportsman Vacuum Pump Kit

Retail Price $769.00
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In an effort to stem misconceptions among some to the general racing public that they cannot afford Star Machine quality because our prices are out of line with our competition, we have made the Sportsman Pump available in packaged kit form.

This pump is adequate to support a well sealed engine to approximately 750 Horsepower.

The kit includes the following:
  • 3 Vane Sportsman Vacuum Pump
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Composite Pump Pulley
  • (1" Bore) Drive Pulley (not shown)
  • Pump-Mounted Regulator
  • Valve Cover Baffle and Fitting
  • 2 straight +2 90 deg. -12 AN Fittings (choice of black or blue)
  • 5 Feet of wire reinforced Vacuum rated hose

Drive mandrel and separator tank available at discounted pricing when purchasing vacuum pump kit.

Now that you have tightly sealed the engine to achieve vacuum in most cases there is no (sealed) provision to add engine oil. Check out our sealed Oil Fill Cap STR.09.08.000 (See: Products:Fittings/Hoses)

Mass (complete kit): 2685 gm./5.91 lbs.