Intake + Exhaust Tank with -12AN Fittings

Intake + Exhaust Tank with -12AN Fittings

Part No: STR.02.09.00AN
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The tank is manufactured from 6061-T6/651 aluminum, then color anodized, combines an air/oil separator to reduce or eliminate engine oil scavenged into the vacuum pump AND an exhaust section to catch oil exhausted by the vacuum pump.

In addition to separating the oil from the air drawn from the engine, the filter media within the tank will trap debris from worn or broken engine parts before it enters the vacuum pump. Drains are installed for the exhaust and the intake sides of the tank.

Pictured around the tank are the tank internals. For optimum performance the tank can be completely disassembled for routine maintenance. Available with red anodized center + black top and bottom (shown) or all black.

All new vacuum pumps are warranted unconditionally for 1 year when used in conjunction with this tank.
Mass as shown: 1060g/2.33lbs

** This product is no longer in production, all service parts will remain available for 5 years.
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