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All Star Machine (mechanical) Vacuum Pumps are driven by a 0.375 pitch (L Series) 0.50 " wide timing belt. They are the same belts commonly found driving fuel pumps. These are square tooth belts, which for some unknown reason, are sometimes referred to as "Gilmer".
The required length of the belt varies; the three variables are pump pulley size, drive pulley size and most importantly the distance between centers of these two pulleys. Any deviation in these three parameters will change the proper belt length. Call us with an accurate dimension from the center of the drive pulley to the center of the pump pulley AND the number of teeth on BOTH pulleys and we will be happy to calculate the proper belt length.
We stock 30 different lengths in .75" (every two teeth) increments from 19.5" (52 teeth) to 43.5" (116 teeth). Pricing varies by length.
We DO NOT stock HTD (High Torque Drive) round tooth belts or any belts wider than .50".
An example of a belt labeled 337L050 would mean the belt is 33.75" long, L pitch and 0.5" wide.
The first three numbers represents the length in inches and the last three numbers represents the width. If the last three numbers are 075 the belt width would be 0.75" wide. If the last three numbers are 100 the belt width would be 1.0" wide. L series belts are NOT available in auto parts stores.